Sharing the Commitment to Excellence is a collaborative project of the Collier County Public Schools Exceptional Student Education Department, the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System, and the South Florida Parent Center that has been created to foster effective partnerships between parents, schools, and the community. This endeavor provides information, training and support to educators, parents, and agencies on services and programs for students with disabilities. Sharing the Commitment sponsors workshops for all persons interested in services for students with disabilities.
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The Advisory Committee serves as a resource for the ESE Director and school principals in matters pertaining to ESE Programs and services. It considers ideas, concepts and project activities benefiting children with disabilities, and receives reports from sub-committees. Sub-Committees are created from advisory members, community members, parents and any community resources, e.g. Universities, Disability Research Organizations or child serving agencies. They generate solutions to meet prioritized needs identified by the Advisory Committee and present them to the Advisory Committee.


Provides many workshops and training sessions for parents, educators and community members on various topics including IDEA, behavior, transition, communication, assistive technology, inclusion and literacy.

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FL - STC Brochure in English-2013


Sharing the Commitment sponsors workshops or training for all persons interested in services for students with disabilities. All schools and community agencies sponsoring a training or workshop receive an ESE Parent/Professional Library for their school media center.

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Program Contact

Wilbur Hawke
Sharing the Commitment Parent Liaison