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NM - State Level Complaint Procedures


If the parties agree on CAIEP, the district notifies the investigator and forwards any resulting IEP and other documents to the investigator by the end of week 3.


The District Special Education Director facilitates these meetings.



State Rules also allow parties to a state-level complaint to participate in a facilitated IEP meeting to help resolve the dispute. A facilitated IEP meeting is voluntary, and both parties must agree to use the process.  Facilitated IEP meetings are to be concluded not more than 14 days from the time the Special Education Bureau's acknowledgment of the complaint. In a situation where the dispute has resulted in a formal complaint and the parties request a Facilitator, the State will provide and assign and pay for the Facilitator on a rotational basis from its list of approved Facilitators.

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Once a state-level complaint has been filed, the responding public agency must offer to convene a CAIEP meeting with the parents and relevant members of the IEP team. The parents may accept or decline this offer, or the parents and the public agency may jointly agree in writing to convene a facilitated IEP meeting or mediation instead. A complainant may request a facilitated IEP meeting at any time during the complaint investigation process. This is provided at no cost to the parties.


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Joanie Roybal
Special Education Bureau, Public Education Department