Photo of Rhea Settles
Educator, Liberator, Mediator, Founder
The Civility Zone
United States

As a reminder to all participants of why they are engaging and to be mindful of how they engage with each other, Dr. Settles presents the Haim Ginott quote “Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression”.

Rhea Settles, Ed.D, M.NCRP is an educator, a liberator and mediator, and founder of The Civility Zone ( Dr. Settles has over 31 years of experience teaching, leading, and mediating conflict wars (adversarial, competing and divisive) in education, and helping create bridges, not barriers when engaging with each other in education environments. Her conflict transformation approach is resolution-based, grounded in civility which includes guiding a collaborative process, including and welcoming all voices, translating points, leveling power imbalances, and offering possible ways to bridge. She is skilled at facilitating IEPs and general school-based and work-based meetings, communication coaching, evaluating conflict, leading formal mediations, resolving grade and performance-based disputes, student teacher conflicts, and teaching peace and bridge building between families, students and school-based agents in school districts and other education settings.