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Conflict Management Specialist
Resolve Conflict Management for Schools
United States

Odilla Sidime launched Resolve Conflict Management for Schools to furnish conflict management services to families, school districts, and SELPAs involved in disputes regarding access to appropriate special education entitlements.  Odilla provides support in the areas of mediation, communications coaching, problem-solving workshops, conflict assessment, meeting facilitation and conflict management training.  She has over 20 years of mediation and legal advocacy experience with a main focus on issues impacting the outcomes of children and youth.  After over two decades as a children's advocate and litigator, Odilla currently focuses on restoring family-school collaborations, training school teams and parents in effective communication, and sharing techniques that improve student outcomes.  She has served as a mediator and facilitator for the San Francisco Unified School District’s Special Education Program.  Her commitment to child welfare is further evidenced by her career as a special education, dependency and delinquency attorney; and, ADR Program Coordinator with Oakland Unified School District’s Peer Mediation Program which was designed to reduce student-on-student conflict and improve the academic environment for students, staff and administrators.  As a result of her professional and volunteer endeavors, she possesses expertise in mediating one-on-one and group conflict, facilitating education-related meetings and determinations, coaching educators and families; and, rebuilding damaged relationships between families and school employees.  Her advocacy, education and dispute resolution experience provides her with real world knowledge of how conflict impacts human interaction and fuels her mission to foster effective communication and problem solving in academic settings. She is diligent about empowering families and schools to work strategically and creatively to meet the needs of students.