Workgroup Purpose & Aspirations

CADRE's vision behind this workgroup was to support and improve upon the working relationships between SEAs and Parent Centers and to create resources that will help parents and professionals use the range of DR options available to them. States could also revise or improve upon existing resources or conduct activities.

From April 2016 to August 2018, CADRE worked intensively with teams from Pennsylvania, Utah, and Oklahoma, focused on achieving the following goals:

  • Develop and/or improve state-level SEA/Parent Center collaboration
  • Jointly develop resources, and/or activities that help families and schools effectively resolve conflict

State Teams

Pennsylvania- Office for Dispute Resolution, PEAL, HUNE, Mission Empower


Oklahoma - State Department of Education, OK SERC, OK Parent's Center


Utah - State Board of Education, Utah Parent Center




  • Securing Workgroup agreement and commitment
  • Self-assessment resource development
  • Dispute resolution resource development action plan
  • Individual team planning meetings
  • Quarterly workgroup conference calls and one-on-one assistance, consultation and peer support with CADRE

Resources Developed


The Parent Advocate Brochure

Question of the Month (Newsletter)

Procedural Safeguards Videos


PA Dispute Resolution Comparison Chart

Special Education Resources for Families Rack Card

Introductory Video

Joint Webinar and Content for Collaborative Presentations


Communication Postcard

Statewide Parent Conference


Frequent meetings with assistance from CADRE helped our team move forward.

An in-person visit from CADRE really moved our team along to completion. We are proud of our work and glad for the chance to collaborate with... the CPRCs in [our state].

We increased awareness and openly discussed cultural diversity and it’s impact for the first time!