CADRE has compiled resources geared toward assisting states, parent centers, practitioners, and families who are interested in equity initiatives and developing or improving cultural competency in their own practice or within their professional environments.

Note: CADRE is creating its own Cultural and Linguistic Comepetence Assessment for Dispute Resolution Systems (coming spring 2021). If you are a representative of a State Education Agency, please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Webinars and Training


Center for Education Equity

The Intercultural Development Research Association

National Center of Cultural Competence

Great Lakes Equity Center

Western Educational Equity Assistance Center

The National Center for Restorative Justice

National Equity Project

Racial Equity Resource Guide

Data Resources

Forum on Child and Family Statistics

National Center for Education Statistics

Children’s Defense Fund: The State of Americas Children

Office of Civil Rights: School Climate and Safety Report

Government Accountability Office: IDEA Dispute Resolution Activity in Selected States Varied Based on School Districts' Characteristics Report

Policing America's Schools: An Education Week Analysis

OSEP Fast Facts: Black or African American Children With Disabilities (August 2020)

OSEP Fast Facts: American Indian or Alaska Native Children With Disabilities (August 2020)

OSEP Fast Facts: Hispanic and/or Latino Children With Disabilities (December 2020)

OSEP Fast Facts: Asian Children With Disabilities (December 2020)

Social and Emotional Learning Data Reflection Protocol (CASEL)

Miscellaneous Resources

The Cultural and Linguistic Competence Assessment for Disability Organizations (CLCADO)

Equity Digest: State Education Agencies Can Ensure Local Education Agency Pursuit of Educational Equity

Wisconsin's Equity Decision and Policy Tool (2019)