CADRE, in partnership with the Connecticut State Department of Education, Photo of Joyce and Doug LittleBureau of Special Education and the Connecticut State Education Resource Center (SERC), supported a two-day IEP Facilitation Training March, 2013 with Joyce and Doug Little (pictured right), founders and lead trainers of Key2Ed. Trainees included representatives from six State Education Agencies who are involved with IEP facilitation programs, and CADRE staff.

Objectives for the training included:

  • Learning about the role of an impartial facilitator
  • Learning about the IEP facilitation process
  • Acquiring essential IEP facilitation skills and effective meeting management strategies
  • Practicing facilitating in role play settings

Portions of this training were recorded and are available for viewing by clicking on the video clip(s) below. CADRE will be making additional video clips available each week until all sixteen clips are available in mid-December, so check the CADRE website each week! (Note: For faster viewing, open the video in YouTube by clicking on the YouTube logo in the bottom right hand corner of the video player - this will open a new window.)

Video Clips #1-3

What is IEP Meeting Facilitation and its Purpose

Meeting Functions and Roles

Stages of a Discussion & Tools for Building Agreement

Video Clips #4-6

Dimensions of Success

Facilitative Behaviors

Strategic Moments
Video Clips #7-9

Setting up for Success

Room Arrangements

Video Clips #10-12

Follow Through & Action Planning

The Importance of Acknowledgements

Listening as an Ally
Video Clips #13-15

Ladder of Inference

Reconciling Differences: Issues, Positions and Interests

Guidelines for Reconciling Differences
Video Clip #16

Encouraging Others to Listen as Allies

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