Session Title Speakers
Advanced Mediation Skills: Creativity, Culture and Conflict Nina Meierding
Aligning Your State’s Dispute Resolution Policies and Procedures with Federal Requirements (Part #1) Lisa Pagano, Hillary Tabor
Aligning Your State’s Dispute Resolution Policies and Procedures with Federal Requirements (Part #2) Lisa Pagano, Hillary Tabor
Applying Restorative Justice Practices to Special Education Disputes Cristian Belshe, Jim Belshe, Chip Coker, Candace Hawkins, John Inglish
Appreciative Inquiry: Architecting Strength Based Process with a Positive Frame for Breakthrough Results Miriam Novotny, Pru Sullivan
Collaborative Practices Between Districts and Stakeholders to Enhance Dispute Resolution Latonia Green, Kimberly Steinke, Sarah Wallerstein Koren
Constructive Approaches to Help Frequent Filers Suzanne McDougall, Lisa Pagano, Marshall Peter, Hillary Tabor
Creating Change: Student-Led IEPs as a Dispute Resolution Option David Friedemann, Sarah Grime, Leila Peterson
Design and Implementation of the Dispute Resolution Data Tracking System in Texas Ron Roberts
Dispute Resolution Advisory Committee – Stakeholder Input as ADR Mary Apple, Scott Bellows, John Inglish, Christy Reese
Effectively Facilitating ARD Meetings Adrian Booker
Elevating Family Voice through Wraparound Facilitation: Lessons Learned from the Systems of Care Wraparound Initiative in Lane County Annette Marcus, John Pavlack, Aimee Walsh
Everything You Wanted to Ask an Evaluator But Not Your Own Patti Bourexis, Courtney Brown, Michael Norman
Evolving Contours in Statewide IEP Facilitation Development Monica Drvota, Melanie Reese, Ron Roberts, Donna Schertz
Facilitated IEP Implementation and Outcomes Samantha Goldman, Carolyn Mason
He Said, She Said, and Other Challenging State Complaints Lisa Pagano, Hillary Tabor
How Do You Know if You Have a Strong Mediation Program? Art Stewart
How to Conduct Friendly and Productive IEP Meetings Jane Burns, Nina Meierding
IEP Meeting Facilitation – Using Facilitation to Change District Culture Robin Keim, Cassie Velasquez
Independent Child Advocate Program: A Collaborative Approach to Dispute Resolution Jeanne Bowman, Carlo Rossi
Informing Whole School Climate: Lessons Learned from Effective IEP Meetings Fran Fletcher
Innovations in Local-Level Dispute Resolution Systems: A SELPA Case Study Laraine Domenico
Just How Neutral is Neutral? Mont Hibbard, Ed Litteneker
Life in the Trenches – the Mediator’s View Lucius Bunton, Annie Lockwood
Make it Count: Five Overlooked Conflict Prevention and Resolution Practices Tracy Gershwin Mueller
Making a Difference? Trends in Dispute Resolution and Upstream Activity Dick Zeller, Amy Whitehorne
Making School Resource Officers a True Resource for Students and Families with Disabilities Erin Archerd
Making the Case: A Look at Contracting for Special Education Programs Through Law School Clinical Programs Tiffany Tackett Kell
Mediating/Managing the High-Emotion Case Scott Bellows
Mediation is Risky Business: Who “Owns” it and How Does it Operate? Sam Imperati
Mindfulness Meditation: How Cultivating Self-Awareness is Key to Reducing Conflict Jacey Tramutt
Moving to the Left of the CADRE Continuum: New Early Dispute Resolution Processes in Washington, DC Judy Berman, Tracey Langley, Leila Peterson, Joyanna Smith, Weade Wallace, Carla Watson
Moving Toward Systemic, Integrated, Responsive, and Sustainable Family Engagement Approaches Anita Engiles, Heather Hebdon, Kelly Rauscher, Judy Wiley
Nature vs. Nurture: Our Brain’s Responses to Conflict Lesley Cook, Clare Fowler
Oh, I Wonder, Wonder Who, Mmbadoo-ooh, Who Wrote The… IDEA Decision/Report Writing Jim Gerl
Peace And The Process: Cultural Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution for IEP Meeting Practitioners Sharon Gooding
Proposals to Reform the IDEA’s Due Process Structure Elizabeth Shaver
Resolving Team Conflict: Matching Resources and Resistance Lenore Knudtson, Stephanie Weaver
Restorative Justice: Evolving Practices for Special Education Students Lisa Clark Keith, Prudence Hutton
Restorative Justice: Where Dispute Resolution Meets Discipline David Gruber, Cheryl Levine
Scaling Up – From FIEP Training to FIEP Implementation David Carrales
Self-Assessments: Building Coherence for Best Practices in Dispute Resolution for Special Education Jo Anne Blades, Mark Everhart
Special Education Mediation in Scotland: The Tartan Connection Morag Steven
SpedTex: A Collaborative Effort Between the Texas Education Agency and Education Service Center Region 10 Tana Hubbard, Rosemary Manges
Taking it Up and Taking it Forward: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Identifying Disparities in Our Systems in Constructive Ways Carmen Urbina
The Circle of Life: Leadership in IEP Meetings Treva Maitland, Jenny Williams
The Evolving Role of the IEP/IFSP Facilitator Trisha Bergin-Lytton
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of Facilitated Resolution Meetings Jo Anne Blades, Ed Litteneker, Melanie Reese, Kerry Voss Smith
The IEP/IFSP Facilitation Journey: Facilitator as the Guardian of Team Collaboration with Chairperson Support Trisha Bergin-Lytton
The Other One is a Fish: An Update on Law – Recent Decisions on Hot Button Issues Jim Gerl
Think Outside the IEP Boxes: How to Create Solutions with Possibility Thinking
Using an Ombudsman Model to Resolve Conflict in Public Schools Jennifer Harris
Using Improvisation to be a Better Team Leader, Conflict Resolver and Negotiator Marc Purchin