This presentation will address the tracking systems currently being used by the Virginia Department of Education’s Office of Dispute Resolution and Administrative Services (ODRAS) to track state complaints, due process hearings, and mediation sessions. Information on each of these dispute resolution processes is tracked from initial receipt of the complaint and due process hearing or mediation request and tracked through issuance of findings or results of the due process hearing or mediation session. Additionally, data collected includes information identifying the specific issues in each resolution process. The data is collected by student’s name, school division, school attending, and regional assignment. This data can be sorted to review the specific issues within the complaints or mediation sessions by school division, school attending, or by region to ascertain whether there is a need to conduct a training session on the issues. The data can also be sorted by child, school division, or school attending to determine an appropriate corrective action plan due to what could be a systemic issue within a specific school, division, or region (i.e. provision of written prior notice, disciplinary procedures, etc.) that goes beyond what was previously required in the first complaint The data bases are also used to ensure compliance with the compliance indicators; i.e. meeting timelines, issues related to transition, etc. and provide the data required for reporting on the compliance indicators. The uniqueness of these databases is that they are simple and effective to use, as currently designed. We will review our actual databases, in a redacted format, using an interactive process projected for all to view, as well as with hard copies. We will offer an opportunity to receive a template copy of our database via a CD. After discussing the data organization system utilized by the VDOE, we will specifically review the use of the data to manage the Complaints and Due Process System. We will also touch on the Mediation system as utilized in Virginia. For each system we will review certain specific procedures utilized in Virginia that promote early and effective resolution of disputes within the context of IDEA’s procedural safeguards. While it is important to make available each of the dispute resolution systems, it is just as important to use strategies based in the data maintained by the VDOE to effectively manage each system.

Showcasing Exemplary Practices: CADRE's 5th National Symposium