Many times the IEP form and the short amount of time allotted for IEP meetings are what drive the process. This can lead to parents feeling like their voices haven’t been heard and educators frustrated that their professional input is not appreciated. Team members need to be able to Think Outside the IEP Boxes and instead allow for Possibility Thinking time prior to the IEP meeting. Parents and educators can have collaborative problem solving sessions prior to IEP meetings and then transfer the ideas and solutions to the IEP document during a formal IEP meeting. This interactive session will provide participants with two research-based tools to promote positive communication and collaboration between parents and schools. Specific examples of how these tools could be used to prevent stalemates at IEP meetings will be discussed. The benefits of thinking outside of the IEP boxes will be shared.

The Evolving Landscape in Dispute Resolution in Special Education: CADRE's Sixth National Symposium