The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE), Special Education Services (SES), has developed a system of Targeted Technical Assistance (TTA) using self-assessment tools to help guide local education agencies (LEA) in improving outcomes for students with disabilities. These self-assessments are designed to lay the groundwork for reflective practice on all areas of special education, including dispute resolution. This interactive presentation is designed to inform participants about:

  • The development and creation of the self-assessment process from SEA and national perspectives;
  • The use of self-assessments from the LEA perspective, including how and when they are used; and
  • An overview of the creation of the "Dispute Resolution and Conflict Prevention" self-assessment and partnership with other organizations.

Participants will be informed of specific steps to complete the "Dispute Resolution and Conflict Prevention" self-assessment, including essential components. In addition, the presentation will include an interactive demonstration of the Dispute Resolution and Conflict Prevention self-assessment activity and examples of information the OSDE-SES has developed for LEAs to complete these activities.