Pennsylvania piloted IEP Facilitation in 2004. Using humor and many real life examples, this presentation will examine the sometimes turbulent journey Pennsylvania took to reach its current and acceptable model, including flawed program design, insufficient training programs, expanded parameters of the Facilitator’s role, and other glitches and pitfalls encountered along the way. Based on knowledge gained from some challenging experiences, topics to be discussed will be: the level of pre and post involvement of the Facilitator; the Facilitator’s ownership of the process vs. ownership of the IEP meeting; understanding cultural diversity and how it affects IEP team communication; getting constituent buy-in of the process; public relations and on-line technology. Participants of this interactive presentation will learn process steps to replicate successful IEP Facilitation, identify possible roadblocks for implementation of the process, examine cultural considerations, and recognize the importance of early dispute resolution opportunities.

CADRE's National Symposium on IEP Facilitation