This presentation will provide attendees with specific information on the highly successful Independent Child Advocate Program. We will include detailed information on all aspects of the program's design and implementation including referral, intake, case management, data gathering, intervention strategies, historical resolution data and case tracking forms. This information will allow attendees to replicate this model that embraces the values of collaboration, cooperation and effective communication while focusing on maintaining respectful and effective working relationships between parents of students with learning challenges and school staff. Now in its seventeenth year, the program has been highly successful in resolving over 90% of all cases referred. Staff act as "ombudspersons" who are available to parents and district staff to assist in the resolution of difficult, contentious and/or challenging special education matters. it is a highly cost effective, local alternative to costly state level intervention. Parents, site staff, district administration and the California Dept. of Special Education have praised the program and endorsed it as a highly effective tool that builds and helps maintain effective and collaborative working relationships between parents and staff while focusing on meeting the student's needs.

Restoring Focus on the Child: CADRE’s Seventh National Symposium