This presentation is a 90-minute, interactive training designed to inform participants of a research-based one day training session developed by the Minnesota Department of Education - Special Education Mediation Service, aimed at lessening the number of conflict events which necessitate state intervention.

The training was developed to give I-Plan Managers (IEP/IFSP) the skills necessary to meet the requirement of their role in a non-conflictual manner.  We have identified several competencies in four modules:
1.  Understanding due process
2.  Good communication skills for sharing information and building successful relationships
3.  General facilitation skills
4.  Knowledge of specific and essential elements of the IEP meeting

The design is a trainer-of-trainers format where we train key professionals around the state and give them a CD with all the handouts, activities, overheads, etc. so they can train all the IEP managers in their district.  After the due process section, which includes a walk through of pertinent laws and case law, the skill building begins!