The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) has been offering the option of using the services of an “external” IEP facilitator for five years. In this panel presentation you will hear the unique perspectives of those who are knowledgeable and experienced in the delivery of this service. Hear from: State level: DDOE’s Director of Exceptional Children and Early Childhood Education regarding the development of the initiative, how the service evolved over time and it’s future goals; Program coordinator: who manages the day to day aspects of the service and serves as one of the facilitators; LEA special education coordinator: who utilizes the service; Parent Information Center Director: who has participated in facilitated IEP meetings and can speak about the parent perspective. Learn the challenges and lessons learned from those who have created and participated in this service. The session is designed to include time for your questions and to pick the brains of the panel members.

CADRE's National Symposium on IEP Facilitation