This 90-minute session represents an evolution of 10 years of discussions with thousands of IEP participants in several states and is summarized in the presenter’s, Guide to Collaboration for IEP Teams (Brookes Publishing, 2005). It is based on the belief that IEP participants nationwide are expected to collaborate effectively and yet the vast majority have not been given the training necessary to achieve this important and very reasonable objective. As one participant commented, “I have been running IEP meetings for 13 years, and no one has ever taught me how.” In simple, practical, and very specific terms, this presentation assists in bridging this critical gap. Presented are 21 best practices to assure efficient, effective, and collaborative IEP team meetings. It includes such components as pre-conferencing to assure adequate preparation by all participants, effective time management, establishing meeting guidelines (ground rules), using a written agenda, and 17 more. Practical examples, model forms, and experiential exercises are also included.