Session Title Speakers
50 Ways to Leave Your Impasse: The Resolution Facilitation Process in Iowa Dee Ann Wilson
A New Wind Across The Prairie - The South Dakota Navigator Program Nathan Anderson
A Simple Format and Practical Considerations for Resolution Meetings Marianne Duncan
A Tale of Two Districts: Case Studies of System-Wide Change Tracy Gershwin Mueller
Academic Improvement Through Truancy Mediation Angela Reiff, Dena Hook
Alternative Dispute Resolution: A California Perspective Suzanne McDougall, Dixie Trinen, Kerry Voss Smith
Alternative Mediation Strategies for the Advanced Level Practitioner Mary Jo DeSio
Balancing Diverse Teams Through the IEP Facilitation Process Vaughn Lauer
Coming Together Across Differences Anita Engiles, Pamela Kraynak
Defining and Marketing IEP/IFSP Meeting Facilitation Services/Programs Kathy Wian
Effective IEP/IFSP Facilitation: Reconnecting with the Purpose and Intent of the IEP/IFSP Process Greg Abell
Ethics in Mediation Carrie Menkel-Meadow
Forging Partnerships for Improving State System Performance Marshall Peter, Richard Zeller
How the Facilitator Can Prepare the IEP/IFSP Team to be Resolution Oriented Trisha Bergin-Lytton
I-Plan Management Made Easy: Relationships and Meetings Patricia McGinnis
Independent Child Advocate Program - Statistics, Strategies and Success Making a Difference for Children, Families and Districts Carlo Rossi
Interest Based Mediation Sandra Blumenreich
Iowa's Special Education Mediators: Potted Plants Negotiating for a Place in the Sunlight, a Qualitative Examination of Personal Philosophy and Perceived Power Amber Benedict
It's Time! The Rationale and Vision for a National Special Education ADR Research Agenda John Reiman
LEA-Based Facilitated IEPs that Prevent Conflict: Knowing the IEP Meeting Essentials Patricia McGinnis
Looking in the Rear View Mirror …Three Years of APR/SPP Data Aimee Taylor, Richard Zeller
Making Sense of Dispute Resolution Options After IDEA 2004 Lyn Beekman
Mission (Not) Impossible: Reducing Due Process Through Early Dispute Resolution Activities Suzanne McDougall, Kerry Voss Smith, Dixie Rider
Observing Mediator Performance - An Essential Tool for Building Quality into State Special Education Mediaton Systems John Reiman, Eva Soeka, Art Stewart
Oregon PTI's IEP Partners Program Karen Ripplinger
Practical and Legal Lessons Learned from Early Resolution Meetings
Preventing Conflict in the Education of Children with Special Needs
Resolution Meeting: A New Option to Resolve Disputes in Special Education Nissan Bar-Lev, Jan Serak, Eva Soeka, Patricia Williams
Resolution Sessions and Informal Resolution Activities: Strategies for Special Education Advocates Candace Cortiella
Successful Resolution Meetings Under IDEA
Survivor ~ Special Ed Edition: The New Resolution Meeting - IDEA '04
The Facilitated IEP/IFSP Journey, the Process Stages from Start to Finish Trisha Bergin-Lytton
The Making of an IEP Meeting Facilitator Fran Fletcher
The Protean Negotiator
The Wisconsin Model: Evaluation in a Stakeholders-Designed System Nissan Bar-Lev, Jane Burns, Jan Serak, Eva Soeka
Understanding IDEA '04 and Changes to the Procedural Safeguards Requirements Lisa Pagano
What Do I Do When...? (Adding Tools To Your Conflict Resolution Toolkit)
What do You Bring to the Table? How to be an Effective Participant in IEP/IFSP Facilitation and Special Education Mediation Eva Soeka