Session Title Speakers
A Large District’s Implementation of the FIEP Process: Differing Perspectives & Lessons Learned Mary Claire Mucenic, Barbara Myrick, Felicia Starke
ADR at San Francisco Unified School District Mildred Browne, Carole Conn, Ricki Jo Scott
Advanced Mediation Skills - Working with High Emotion and Conflicting Perspectives of Reality Nina Meierding
Advocacy Partnerships that Empower Parents and Promote Early Dispute Resolution Nate Dearden, Esperanza Reyes
Building a Yes Culture Gail Nugent, Marc Purchin, Debra Gerardi
Cloud-Based Caseload Management for Special Education Dispute Resolution Programs Clare Fowler
Conflict Coaching: A Resource for All Special Education Stakeholders Tricia Jones
Do High Mediation Settlement Rates Correlate with Party Satisfaction? Jane Burns, Nina Meierding
Do the Right Thing! But What Is It? Madge Thorsen, Fran Fletcher
Eliminating Conflict Through Exemplary Customer Service Joyce Little
Engaged Parents + Shared Vision = Greater Student Outcomes Roberta Dunn
Exploring the Impact of Endrew on Dispute Resolution Systems Julie Weatherly, Jo Anne Blades
Helping Parents Keep the Big Picture in Mind Maria Blaeuer, Rochanda Hiligh-Thomas, Patrice Wedderburn
Implementation of the FIEP Process to Produce Desired Results David Carrales
It Took Me Years to Write, Will You Take a Look: How to Write a Special Education Investigation Jim Gerl
LEA Representative Leadership Training: IEP Meeting Facilitation and Legal Compliance Sally Earnest, Julie Weatherly
People, Processes and Partnerships: Student-Centered Decision-Making Jessica Little
Positive Parent Participation in IEP Meetings Emily Bernstein, Natalie Holdren
Preparing for an OSEP Site Visit Jennifer Wolfsheimer, Lisa Pagano
Providing Keys in the Keystone State: Innovations in Engagement & Resolution in Pennsylvania Kati Clendenin, Michael Jake McElligott
Requests for Impartial Due Process Hearing: A Study of Special Education Directors’ Experience Angela Balsley
Restorative Applications in Special Education Leila Peterson, Melina Mora
Restorative Practices and Special Needs when Repairing Harm Part 1 Nancy Riestenberg, Patricia McGinnis
Restorative Practices and Special Needs When Repairing Harm: Part 2 Nancy Riestenberg
Returns on Investment: A Look at Idaho's Facilitation Program Melanie Reese, Ed Litteneker
Revising the IDEA Due Process System to Resolve Conflict & Focus on the Child: Share Your Voice Patty Metheny
Sharpening Focus: Moving from Developing Processes to Implementing Best Early Dispute Resolution Corey Linehan, Clarence Parks, Joyanna Smith
Student Centered Outcomes to Dispute Resolution: Raising the Bar on Corrective Action Victoria Glick, Kirstin Hansen
The Growing Practice of Facilitated IEP Meetings: How Four States Implemented the Practice Sheila Paitsel, Jamila Pollard, Melanie Reese, Cynthia Hoenes-Saindon, Cheryl Thompson
The Independent Child Advocate Program: A Creative Approach to Dispute Resolution Carlo Rossi
The Inner and Outer Work of Culturally Responsive Services Kendra Hughes
The Life Cycle of Empathy Lenore Knudtson, Stephanie Weaver
The Other One is a Fish - Part II Update on Special Ed Law Jim Gerl
Unlock the Door to Success: The Key to Evidence-based IEP Meeting Practice Tracy Mueller, Robin O'Shea, Jennifer Wagner Woods
Using the Restorative Peer Court Program to Address Conflictwith Special Education Students John Inglish, Chris Jackson
Using Web Apps to Promote IEP Self-Direction by Transition Students with Cognitive Disabilities Tom Keating, Toby Rickard
Visual Problem Solving: Adding to Your Dispute Resolution Toolbox Fran Fletcher
Whose IEP is it Anyway? Including the Student in Facilitations and Mediations Randy Fisher