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About the Webinar: This webinar will present the results of a systematic analysis of a representative sample of complaint procedure decisions and hearing officer decisions in five of the most active states. The comparison will be not only between these two systems for the total sample but also among the five state subsamples. The three dimensions of the comparison will be (a) the issue categories, (b) the outcomes, and, for the parent-favorable outcomes, (c) the remedies. About the Presenter: Perry A. Zirkel is university professor emeritus of education and law at Lehigh University, where he...

AR - State Complaint Form

GA - Complaint Investigator Feedback Survey

GA - Recent Complaints Data Sheet

NC - End of Year Report - Complaints 06-07

NC - End of Year Report - State Complaints 07-08

NC - End of Year Report - State Complaints 08-09

PEAL - The Rights Done Right: The Right to File a Complaint

Cindy Swain coordinates special education complaint investigations for the Texas Education Agency. She currently manages the state's IEP facilitation initiative in Texas and serves on the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities and the State Task Force for Children with Special Needs. As a member of CADRE's Intensive Facilitated IEP Project, Cindy is especially interested in improving school outcomes for students with disabilities through facilitated IEP team meetings. She served as a classroom teacher, administrator, and college professor for 25 years before coming to the Texas...
Patricia Williams is a consultant with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction who works in the area of special education procedural compliance. She is the coordinator for the State IDEA complaint process and is the liaison to the Due Process Hearing System. Patricia is a former WDPI liaison to the WI Special Education Mediation System. She served as one of the CADRE Exemplar Wisconsin Coordinators for development of the Wisconsin Exemplar Profile development. The interviews below were conducted in 2010 as part of CADRE's Exemplar Initiative . Clip 1: What is the one thing you know now...

WA - CAP Matrix Shell

WI - Complaint Processing Worksheet Log

WI - SPED Complaints - Complete History - Online