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CPAC - Breaking Down the IEP: Looking at the Key Pieces of an Effective Program

CPAC - Planning for Success: How You Can Make a Difference In Your Child's Individualized Education Program (IEP)

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IN - Effective CASE Conference Meetings (Part 2 Video)

IN - Effective CASE Conference Processes - Agenda

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MI - What is Facilitation? (Video)

RCSN - How to Have a Successful IEP Meeting - Video

Training Video - Success with the IEP

Fran Fletcher is an Assistant Policy Scientist in the Conflict Resolution Program of the University of Delaware's Institute for Public Administration. She manages Delaware's Special Education Mediation program and assists in the design and delivery of training and provides consultative services for parents and school districts on the topic of special education. Clip 1: You've done a lot of really wonderful work in the area of IEP and IFSP facilitation. Are there strategies that you believe work particularly well in those meetings? Clip 2: As you think about a new special ed teacher who is...
Greg Abell is the Principal at Sound Options Group, LLC, which is responsible for the delivery of all special education mediation services for the State of Washington. He also consults nationally in the design and delivery of ADR systems. Prior to entering the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Greg spent fifteen years in public education, eleven of those years working in special education. Clip 1: Are there lessons that you've learned over the years? Video of CADRE Voices from the Field: Greg Abell (1/4) Clip 2: You've been doing a lot of work around leadership and leadership coaching...
Patricia McGinnis holds a degree in education from the University of Minnesota and has over twenty years of teaching experience. She has been the Coordinator of the Minnesota Department of Education's Special Education Mediation Service since 2001, assuring access to the federally required mediation process and Minnesota's facilitated IEP meetings. In addition, she is a statewide trainer of leaders in special education on communication, due process and facilitation of IEP meetings and presents to parents, advocates, the Minnesota's State Bar Association, county social workers, professors,...
Trisha Bergin-Lytton specializes in offering expertise and professional services to school districts, charter schools, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and families to address the individualized needs of special education students by providing mediation, facilitation of IEP meetings, training/professional development and consultation. She is highly regarded as an IDEA-knowledgeable professional extremely skilled in conflict resolution who assists teams to work collaboratively in developing realistic solutions in an effective, creative and timely manner. Since 1974, Trisha has worked...

WI - WSEMS Difference Between Mediation and IEP Facilitation

WI - WSEMS Effective Participation in Mediation and IEP Facilitation

WI - WSEMS Friendly & Productive IEP Meetings