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WI - WSEMS Mediation Trends Report 2000-13

WI - WSEMS Oral Questions and Score Sheet

WI - WSEMS Using Mediation to Resolve Special Education Issues in WI

WV - Mediation Process for Special Education

WV - Request for Applicants: IDEA Mediators

This 3 hour interactive presentation explores a variety of strategies found in systems thinking that merit discussion regarding the practicality of incorporating one or more of the strategies into special education mediation. There are occasions in special education where the mediation or resolution of conflict involves a group of interested persons who are jointly engaged in conflict with a school district. In that case, the typical mediation strategies may not be as appropriate or may need enhancement. Conflict within an organization (school system) may be due to disagreement over the scope...

Interest-based mediation sits two stakeholders with or without their problem-solving attorneys at a table along with a mediator to solve a problem.

Dr. Susan Etscheidt will begin our presentation by introducing the dispute resolution options offered in the state of Iowa. In addition to highlighting the conflict resolution continuum for special education related disputes, Dr. Etscheidt will share the state's impressive statistics for pre-appeals, hearing, and mediations. She will then highlight the issues of the last ten hearings and the implications for these hearings in relevant case law. Amber Benedict will share her master's thesis research findings on Iowa's state special education mediators exploring their perceptions on power and...