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This library contains CADRE resources as well as State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources. Please note that CADRE makes no endorsement of the State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources included here, nor of any policies, procedures, processes, or documents specific to any item.

IA - Checklist for legally binding mediation agreement

IA - Meeting Notes for Stakeholder Training

IA - Recommendation Notes for Improvement

IA - Special Education Mediation Conference Procedures

MO - Special Education - Mediation in Missouri

PA - Authorization of Resources Form - Verbal Authorization

PA - Letter with Stakeholder Council Composition

PA - Mediation Data Entry Screens from ODR Database

PA - Mediation Rules for Medicaid Waivers

PA - Mediation Rules for Special Education

PA - ODR Focus Group Meeting Minutes (6/30/04)

Parent Agreement to Mediate - BIE

Parent Agreement to Mediate - BIE

WA - Tracking and Processing a Mediation Request

WI - Mediation Confidentiality Regulations

WI - Mediation Confidentiality Statute