This searchable database contains bibliographic information for literature (research-based and policy/practice) relating to dispute resolution in special education.

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An analysis of judicial outcomes of special education cases.

A review of special-education court cases found that, while school district wins exceeded parent wins in due process hearings and appeals, the margin narrowed through litigation. The most predominant issue in dispute was placement in terms of parents seeking more restrictive settings. The Supreme...Learn more

Resolving conflicts with parents of handicapped children.

Urban educators often find themselves in conflict with parents of educationally handicapped students over program placement and services. Easily understood strategies for preventing these differences are presented. The dynamics of parent anger are discussed. School personnel are provided with a...Learn more

Special education mediation.

Authors discuss experiences with successful special education mediations through an examination of cases focusing on common elements which have contributed to successful resolution. Provides definition of mediation; conflicts most often leading to mediation or due process; skills of mediators;...Learn more

Strategies for resolving parent-school conflict.

This article examines the origins of parent-school conflict, identifies common errors that exacerbate difficulties, provides strategies for resolving conflicts and improving relationships, and proposes an alternate course of action if these approaches fail. Empathetic listening, trust building, and...Learn more