This searchable database contains bibliographic information for literature (research-based and policy/practice) relating to dispute resolution in special education.

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A mediation strategy for special education disputes.

Addresses the successes and challenges associated with mediation in special education disputes in Missouri. Reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in June 1997 and National Association of State Disorders of Special Education's studies on mediationLearn more

ADR: To be or…?

Article analyzes success of mediation, arbitration, summary jury trials in general. Most studies cited did not relate to special ed mediation but might be useful to inform methodology of future studies. Article reports some data on special ed mediations, finding higher correlation with parental...Learn more

Alternative dispute resolution: Panacea or anathema?

Article consists of mostly early theory about effectiveness of mediation. Author believes that special ed. disputes are one of the more appropriate contexts for mediation. Cites Singer & Nace study and states that special ed. mediation is successful in resolving the majority of these disputes,...Learn more

Analysis of Special Education Mediations in Texas, 2006-08

The purpose of this study was to explore variables which might influence the frequency of Texas special education mediations used for dispute resolution. Variables such as district size, location, economic level, and the State Accountability Rating were investigated and evaluated. In order to...Learn more

It’s Time for an Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure

This article presents the case for arbitration as a fitting process for special education disputes. "the availability of arbitration as suggested [herein] would add two improvements to the IDEA dispute resolution system that experience shows are sorely needed: a more balanced “access to justice”...Learn more