This searchable database contains bibliographic information for literature (research-based and policy/practice) relating to dispute resolution in special education.

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Alternative dispute resolution and agency costs.

This research examines consumer choices of alternative dispute resolution in light of the various costs and benefits associated with each of those choices. An agency theoretic framework is employed to model the buyer-dispute resolver dyad in terms of a principal and agent relationship. Costs of...Learn more

An experiment in the mediation of grievances

This article presents the results of an experiment conducted by the U.S. Labor Department which examined the merits of grievance mediation relative to arbitration in the coal mining industry. The authors discuss the rationale for conducting the test; resolution of grievances that were submitted to...Learn more

Child custody mediation in cases of domestic violence.

Mediation of child custody disputes is mandated in several states. Investigators have averred that victims of domestic violence (DV) are greatly disadvantaged in mediation. The present study empirically evaluated outcomes and found that mediators failed to recognize and report DV in 56.9% of the DV...Learn more

Divorce mediation: Research and reflections.

Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) grew rapidly in the last few decades as a result of high divorce rates, frequent conflicts between parting parents, the resulting administrative burden on courts, and especially concerns about damaging effects on children and...Learn more

Mediation and child support: An effective partnership.

As an alternative to litigation, mediation has been used to resolve conflicts in a cooperative manner to reflect the best interest of parties. Utilizing an archival research method, three sources of public statistical records from Central Ohio provided complete information about sociodemographic...Learn more

Mediation styles: subjective description on mediators.

Some mediation scholars argue that mediator effectiveness is a direct function of matching the mediator to a specific mediation case, in terms of aligning the neutral's skill and experience to the dynamics of the case in question. This study uses Q methodology and reveals four styles of mediators:...Learn more