Date Published: Jan 17, 2015
Young Exceptional Children
Gatmaitan, M., and Brown, T.

This article provides guidance and recommendations for practitioners and families around five components of an IFSP: 

- functional assessment

- functional outcome writing

- linking functional outcomes to services

- service integration

- progress monitoring

Each component "should be an opportunity to build and solidify the relationship to better support young children and families toward empowerment.


    "In this article, we will describe concerns or challenges around the IFSP components that EI practitioners and families have expressed. Next, we aim to provide guidance and recommendations for practitioners and families on quality IFSPs based on these five components of quality. We use the model of Ridgley and her colleagues (2011) as it captures both the process and product of the IFSP, thus aligning with the definition by Campbell et al. (1992). We also provide checklists that practitioners and families can use to guide the development of quality IFSPs in all aspects of the process and product."