On September 11, 2013 CADRE hosted a free webinar, Part C Dispute Resolution: Customizable Hearing Officer Training Resources , with CADRE Policy Analyst, Amy Whitehorne. The modules discussed during the webinar are available for download in the paragraph below.

About the Webinar:  This webinar featured the rollout of four customizable hearing officer training modules developed by CADRE’s Part C dispute resolution workgroup.  The workgroup included representatives from six Lead Agencies (CT, MA, CO, MS, UT, and TX), several technical assistance providers (ECTA & WRRC) and Sharon Walsh (of Walsh Taylor Consulting & ITCA).

The four modules (built on PowerPoint templates) are intended to help Lead Agencies familiarize Part B hearing officers with Early Intervention (Part C):  A) An Overview of Early Intervention; B) Early Intervention Steps; C) Procedural Safeguards; and D) Administrative Areas. Since Early Intervention programs vary from state-to-state, the module templates feature federal laws and regulations, with placeholder slides included throughout, to suggest where key state-specific information might be inserted. 

During the webinar, we walked through the Procedural Safeguards module and did a brief overview of the other three. Discussion focused on module development, customization, and how these can be shared with practitioners (e.g., in-person and online/web availability), and included examples of one Lead Agency’s customizations/state specifics.

CADRE welcomes the opportunity to assist Lead Agencies customize the modules for use with their hearing officers/ALJs and other dispute resolution practitioners. In addition, there are likely many ways in which these resources may be useful in other settings or contexts, such as parent/professional workshops and staff development.