Information about your IEP facilitation program needs to be publicly available and in multiple formats. People often need information presented in various formats. Sometimes the format is determined by its complexity and other times it is more determined by its objectives. For example, for an audience to see a mock facilitated IEP meeting, you are limited to in person or live-streaming demonstrations, or videos.  

Critical Considerations
  • What are the best formats for the content and the message you want to present?
  • Can the intended audience access the content in this format?
  • Can this format be easily reproduced or shared?
Lessons Learned
  • It doesn’t have to be fancy or complex to be a good format. A simple FAQ document on your website or a key message about IEP facilitation taped to your program personnel’s monitors can do the job, depending on your program needs.
  • Materials get old and messages get tired. Infuse your material with new examples and data.