In this approach, all parties to a dispute work with outside legal and/or special education experts to learn more about the merits of their position. 

The SpedEx Program is a dispute resolution option that is available in certain cases after an IEP has been rejected or a hearing request has been filed.  SpedEx uses a jointly agreed-upon independent SpedEx consultant to review evidence and advise the parties on FAPE and LRE so they may resolve their dispute.
A Neutral Conference is a voluntary, confidential process presided over by a trained, neutral professional who listens to both sides of a dispute and makes a recommendation which both sides may either adopt or refuse.
An ALJ Settlement Conference is an alternative to mediation for parties to a due process hearing. In an ALJ Settlement Conference, an administrative law judge (ALJ) facilitates a process between the parties in an attempt to reach settlement of the hearing issues.
The advisory opinion process is an optional dispute resolution process available to parents and school districts before or after a due process hearing has been requested. The parties give a brief presentation of their case and the administrative law judge issues a verbal, nonbinding opinion. 
The advisory opinion process is an optional dispute resolution process available to parties who have requested a due process hearing. Each party is allocated one hour to give a brief presentation of its case, after which the hearing officer issues an oral, nonbinding opinion within an hour of the close of the presentations.
Connecticut offers an advisory opinion process that can be accessed by individuals who have already filed for a due process hearing. This strategy enables parties to opt for a neutral opinion and postpone the formal hearing.


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