The Ombudsman responds to the majority of calls from parents and other family members of students with disabilities, advocacy organizations, and state/local agencies. The Ombudsman provides information about the education of children with disabilities, especially about the rights of students and parents, and the available dispute resolution options. The Ombudsman makes calls to school districts to help resolve issues at the local level. If the Ombudsman finds that the parent has made efforts to resolve issues at the school level and those efforts have been unsuccessful, she offers to contact the LEA.
System Oversight, Infrastructure and Organization: 


The Ombudsman’s role, authority, and jurisdiction:

  • Will try to resolve complaints fairly, and if possible, informally.
  • Will not act as an advocate for either side in a dispute.
  • Will not place blame or attempt to determine who is guilty or innocent.
  • Will try to negotiate a “win-win” outcome for all parties involved.
  • Will serve as a resource to parents in non-legal regular or special education matters.
  • Will handle each case with confidentiality, neutrality, informality, and independence.
  • Will not disclose personal information, discussion, and interactions held between the ombudsman, parent, or school district officials.