Portrait photo of Joyce Little
Vice President and Trainer
Key2Ed, Inc.
426 Verandah Lane
Franklin, TN 37064
United States
(615) 478-2329

The scope of Dr. Joyce Little’s twenty-five years experience in education is extensive and includes administering local special education programs in Northern and Southern California school districts, multi-district special education consortia.  For over ten years, she applied her analytical talents and facilitation skills to promote organizational change within these districts. The results of her work positively affected special education programs through dramatically improved communication and coordinated decision-making at the program director and coordinating agency levels.

Joyce and Doug Little founded JDL Associates in 1998, and developed IEP Meeting Facilitation and began training in school districts and for state education agencies. In 2004, JDL Associates became Key2Ed, and continues to provide educational consulting services primarily addressing special education issues, and focusing on conflict prevention.  The Key2Ed staff members have extensive training, knowledge, and expertise coming from their years on the job and field educational experiences throughout the country, including work with charter schools.  As of today, over 1,000 workshops have been held and 18,000 individuals have been trained using their IEP Facilitation Program to reduce conflict and to provide an IEP collaborative meeting atmosphere.