Noella Bernal
Associate Director and Internal Evaluator

Noëlla Bernal is the Associate Director and Internal Evaluator at CADRE. She has been with CADRE/Direction Service for nearly 10 years. Noëlla assists with project oversight; coordinates, arranges, and delivers universal, targeted, and intensive technical assistance activities, including CADRE’s national workgroups, learning community initiatives; manages data collection and evaluation efforts; and coordinates resource outreach efforts to State Education Agencies, Lead Agencies, Parent Centers and other interested individuals and organizations. Noëlla also produces CADRE’s webinar series, manages the CADRE website and content, and assists CADRE staff to prepare for conferences, presentations and trainings. She also serves as the Symposium Chair for CADRE’s national symposia on dispute resolution in special education. Noëlla received her Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies and Sociology from the University of Oregon in 2005. Her passion for working at CADRE stems from her own experiences as child, receiving speech language services. Addtionally, Noëlla spent countless hours accompanying and watching her mother, a nurse, deliver home health services to people with disabilities and serve as a special education aide. From this experience, Noella developed a heart of service and helping others.