Coordinator of Mediation
Bureau of Special Education Appeals
United States

Myrto Flessas is the Coordinator of Mediation and Facilitation at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA), within the Division of Administrative Law Appeals for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since joining the BSEA in 2010, Ms. Flessas has conducted approximately 1,400 due process mediations. In January 2020, Ms. Flessas was appointed as Coordinator where she oversees the mediation and facilitation programs at the BSEA. She also runs informational sessions on behalf of the BSEA for school districts and families on special education and 504 accommodation mediation and facilitation in order to promote meaningful, positive, and collaborative resolutions between parties. Ms. Flessas currently serves on the Board of the Friends of Belmont S.P.O.R.T. (Special Olympics).  Ms. Flessas received a B.A. from Bennington College in 1995 and a J.D. from Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2000.