Education Consultant
Pingora Consulting, LLC
United States

Lenore Knudtson’s career began as a School Psychologist working with school teams, parents, and children.  This portion of her career ignited a passion for special education and improving the lives of children and young adults with disabilities.  The journey continued as Ms. Knudtson chose to focus her career on young adults with significant intellectual challenges living in residential settings.  Living and working in a residential environment with special needs young adults provided a new set of challenges and a definite fresh perspective.  

During this same time, Ms. Knudtson’s earned her Juris Doctorate degree with honors.  After law school, Ms. Knudtson began her career in special education attorney, focusing on IDEA professional development and technical assistance.  Working with states and school districts across the nation has provided a Ms. Knudtson with opportunities for career enjoyment far exceeding her expectations. Her career has culminated in a rich blend of issues focusing on children, from education to juvenile justice, all forms of dispute resolution, and building compliance driven education systems.

Ms. Knudtson was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors, a Master of Science degree in Education - School Psychology, and a Juris Doctorate degree with honors.  She is a certified mediator, mediation trainer, and licensed special education attorney.