Special Education Mediation Services (SEMS)
516 S. Creyts, Suite A
Lansing, MI
United States

Beth Kohler is the parent of two children, John-19 and Cameron-22 who was born with Williams Syndrome and has received special education supports and services since he was 18 mo. She spent 24 years in higher education fundraising and grant writing from which she retired in 2017 to provide support to her son during his transition to adulthood. Beth has spent all of Cameron’s life learning about special education and how to work as a team with their school. Cameron was fully included in school PK-12 and he and his family built a great relationship with their local school district over the years through hard work, open communication, collaboration and mutual respect. To this day, they remain one of his biggest support systems. Beth is now proud to work with the Special Education Mediation Services Program of Michigan helping families and schools collaborate on the provision of special education services.