Formerly with the Virginia Department of Education
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Art Stewart was trained as a mediator by the American Arbitration Association. He served as a management member of a state contract negotiations committee. He became a full time mediator for the first state special education mediation program in the country at the Massachusetts Department of Education in 1979 and was a founding mediator with the Framingham Court Mediation Services, where he served as President from 1980-85. He served as President of the Massachusetts Association of Mediators and Mediation Programs from 1987-92. His further training was by the Crime and Justice Foundation, the Center for Dispute Resolution and the National Institute for Dispute Resolution. He was selected and trained as a master mediator by the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution in 1996. Stewart has served as adjunct faculty for Woodbury College, the Graduate Program in Dispute Resolution at UMass Boston, the Summer Institute of the American Arbitration Association and the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Stewart has participated in the development of mediators and negotiators as trainer and facilitator in 24 states, Kenya and Canada. He has served as consultant and trainer for family and court mediation programs in the New England states. Among the teams of people he has trained to assist people embroiled in disputes include staffs from Polaroid, Compaq, several Boston law firms, members of the Boston and Massachusetts Bar Associations, the Maine Superintendents’ Association, Great Lakes Regional Resource Center, New England Regional Resource Center, MidSouth Regional Resource Center, the Center for Law and Education, the construction, banking and insurance panels for the American Arbitration Association in New England, officers from the militaries of participating UN countries, directing staff from International NGO’s, attorneys, professors, therapists, students, clergy, First Nation’s people, contract negotiations teams, municipal boards, educational agencies, intergovernmental task forces.

Stewart has testified before Congress and Massachusetts and Vermont state legislatures on the uses of mediation in special education disputes. He was one of three founders of the Conflict Intervention Team, who trained a group of mediators for the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office to intervene in schools burdened with widespread violence after court ordered busing to provide integration in Greater Boston schools. Stewart received a Governor’s Award for this work. He trained the first group of special education mediators in Tennessee, Vermont, Michigan and Virginia.

Currently, Stewart serves as senior consultant to CADRE, and is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution. He is trainer for and consultant to the Community Dispute Settlement Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Rift Valley Community Mediation Center in Kenya. He wrote “When Parents and Educators do not agree: Using Mediation to Resolve Conflicts about Special Education : A Guidebook for Parents,” Center for Law and Education 1995. He co-wrote “Preparing for Special Education Mediation and Resolution Sessions” for the Children’s Law Center at Duke University in 2009 and co-wrote a chapter on Building Trust and Resolving Conflict in Special Education for The Handbook for Administration and Leadership in Special Education, Routledge, 2012.

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